Lovely Artisinal Soap Bars that will impress.

There is absolutely no one who doesn’t like a good-looking and great-smelling bar of soap. It makes it a wonderfull gift for every occasion. We take the gifting experience of soap to a hole new level.

Company Gifting tip: Give a fully branded Fin Såpe with the scent & colour of your company values.

With Fin Såpe we take soap-unboxing a step forward.

It is like giving a box of flowers or a box of chocolates when opening our Fin Såpe giftboxes. It is a unique gifting experience like not seen before.

Custom made Soap for Company gifting.

A Fin Såpe Soap bar stays noticed for a long time. Every time hands are being washed with your company's unique designed Soap bar, that person will think of your company. Promised!

How can we help you?

Fin Såpe Giftbox

When unboxing the Fin Såpe Giftbox you'll experience instant happiness. It's like giving the biggest bunch of flowers, but with more fragrance and no shelf life limitation.

Fin Såpe Soapbar

We are currently developing an extensive range of humorous soaps. A little sneak peek we give you in advance.

Custom Soap Bar

Want your own style soap bar, for example for an event, as a corporate gift or for a wedding? Let's get started!

All natural premium soap

Our Soap Bars are made with 100% natural ingrediënts, with a mix of Shea butter, Cocao butter and Mango butter that extra nourishes and cleanses the skin.


Fin Såpe Shower Steamers

Aromatic shower steamers are the perfect way to transform your day into a spa experience. These compact, fragrant tablets are activated by warm water and release delightful essential oils in the shower, making stress vanish and relaxation begin. Pamper your senses and rejuvenate your mind with this simple luxury!

Fin Såpe Whipped Body Scrub

Luxuriate in the ultimate spa experience with our Whipped Body Scrub! Our sugar-based scrub will exfoliate and smoothen your skin, while our rich oils will nourish and moisturize. Our invigorating scent will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Try it today, and feel the difference!

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