Out of the ordinary
Company Gifts.

Pass the standard and give your customers, clients and employees a treat that really impress. Our gifts are not only luxury & delightful, but they tantalize.

Incentive / transaction gift

If you were your own customer, what incentive would give you a positive reminder of your company? A bottle of wine? Flowers? Or something amazing?

Employee appreciation

No explanation needed, right? Your employees are the heart of your company. It is important to take great care of your heart.

Client Gifting

Are you a company that sends their clients unexpected gifts  for any reason? You rock! We definitly need to talk.

Year-end gifting

When it comes to employee gifting, this is it. This is the moment to go all-in when it comes to showing your appreciation. And that is where we come in.

Branding & Personalization

Create a lasting impression and strengthen your relationships with a personal and thoughtful approach. We make the distinction between fingerprint Branding and DNA Branding.

Fingerprint Branding

We see your logo and your pay-off as the fingerprint of your company. Enrich your gift with your logo, your pay-off and a personal message. Printed, engraved or handwritten.

DNA Branding

Your identity, your culture, your standards & values form the DNA of your company. We can show your DNA to the core of several of our gifts


Why Companies choose our products

We go beyond and further when it comes to helping our customers. Our main objective is that the person who will receive your gift will be totaly impressed with a gift that will stop the time for a moment. 


Our products impress

We make sure you can give a tantalizing, delightful & unique treat that will impress. Without a doubt.


We do what we promise

We allways do what we promise. And we don't compromise in doing that.

Incentives for transactional gifting

Buying a car, a house or even a kitchen... that's not a daily expense, right? We think it deserves a special "thank you for choosing our company". We can think of a dozen and more ways to impress your customers with our irresistable treats as a delightful thank-you.

Value your employees

We help you give your employees the appreciation they deserve. When it's their birthday, when they reach a milestone or just out of the blue, because they deserve it.

Thanking & impressing your clients

Showing your graditude towards your clients after a period of hard work or towards Christmas is always a good thing to do when you are for instance in the service industry. We have delightfull & luxury gifts for any budget.

Year-end gifting

Sure... you can always give a giftvoucher from somewhat website or a huge box with 50+ items like peppermint and teabags. But that is something your employees are able to buy themselves if they need it, right? What holds you back giving something out of the ordinary? Let us help you giving something stimulating and tantalizing this year.

Compare us with your favourite restaurant

Do you know that feeling? You are looking for a nice restaurant for a wonderful evening. Where you will be warmly welcomed. Where you can sit comfortably. Where the light is good. Where the music is right. Where the dishes are exquisite. Where the drinks match and the timing is spot-on. And in that search you always end up at the same restaurant: your favorite restaurant.

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