Tantalizing Store-ready gifts.

The majority of our product range has been developed with the in-store presentation in mind. We believe that we have a market-fit product for every store out there.

Concept Stores

As a business owner or buyer you are looking for unique & stylish products that will complement your store and convert shoppers, right? We know conceptstores! That is why you can find our products on Ankorstore and Orderchamp as well if you prefer to buy there.

Liquor Stores

Are you a liquor store and are you looking for surprising alcoholic (-related) gifts to convert customers? We have a wide range of alcoholic Tasting Boxes and alcohol-related products.

Craft Stores

Some of our products are surprisingly suitable for stores such as bakeries, florists or furniture stores. Let’s find our what we can do for your business.

E-Commerce & Dropshipment

We know all about E-Commerce. Do you want to sell our products directly ór via dropshipment? We do both!

Why Companies choose our products

We go beyond and further when it comes to helping our customers. Our main objective is that the person who will receive your gift will be totaly impressed with a gift that will stop the time for a moment. 


Our products impress

We make sure you can give a tantalizing, delightful & unique treat that will impress. Without a doubt.


We do what we promise

We allways do what we promise. And we don't compomise in doing that.


Next level Company branding

We know how to make an impression. That is why we take company branding to a higher level.

Concept Stores

Products like Deer Jimmy's, DIYGin, DIYLiqueur and Fin Såpe have an awesome track-record when in comes to concept store sales. We love partnering with your business and help you select the perfect products for your store!

Rather order at Ankorstore and Orderchamp? Go fot it.

Liquor Stores

We started our business in 2014 by selling our Tasting Boxes Whisky to Dutch liquor stores. Our alcoholic Tasting Boxes have been purchased by over 500 Dutch liquor stores over the years.
In 2022 we have partnered with Anker Amsterdam Spirit to make some of our Tasting Boxes available internationally without excise tax.

Craft Stores

As a Craft Business owner, like for instance a florist or barbershop, you are increasingly looking for products that complement your core-business, right? We are confident that we have a perfect store-fit product that will complement your core as well.

E-Commerce & Dropshipment

We run a webshop and sell at online marketplaces as well. So we know E-commerce by shipping on a daily base. Are you an E-Commerce business and like to sell, but not to ship? We can help you with that. Even when it concerns alcoholic shipments.

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