Ready to serve

By helping you delivering delightful treats & more, you can do what you love most: completely pamper your guests and receive 5-star ratings afterwards.

Hotels and B&B’s

We are here to help you with offering your guests delightfull treats, branded with your company values if desired.


Giving your guests a tasteful experience is what you are all about, right? We are confident that we can help you with offering a little bit extra to the side.


Need support with your catering? How can we help?

Why Companies choose our products

We go beyond and further when it comes to helping our customers. Our main objective is that the person who will receive your gift will be totaly impressed with a gift that will stop the time for a moment. 


Our products impress

We make sure you can give a tantalizing, delightful & unique treat that will impress. Without a doubt.


We do what we promise

We allways do what we promise. And we don't compomise in doing that.


Next level Company branding

We know how to make an impression. That is why we take company branding to a higher level.

Hotels and B&B's

Make a stimulating impression with out of the ordinary products, like branded Fin Såpe, delightful brownies & truffles or a branded Tasting Box to complement your minibar.


As a restaurant you are all about taste and customer experience right? It is like we are a match made in heaven, not? We are confident that we can help you with for instance complementing your menu with chocolate products or even you toilet-experience with your own branded Fin Såpe


Do you have a wide range of self-made treats and do you need some extra hands when it comes to pastry? We can help you offering delightful treats to your guests & clients. 

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