Damn Good chocolate treats for chocoholics.

Our brownies and other chocolate products are sensational, delightful, seductive, ultimate, irresistable and lot more. Stop time for a moment and enjoy life with chocolate!

A perfect treat for any occasion.

Our brownies, blondies, goldies and guilt-free brownies are the perfect gift for every occasion. At least for those who love extreme tasteful chocolate treats. Let's go!

Minimal waste focussed using honest ingredients.

Why make lovely food and throw away parts of it? That doesn't make sense, right? We are minimal-waste minded and we bake only on demand using honest & fairtrade products.

How can we help you?

Brownies & more

In our bakery we make the most mouthwatering brownies, blondies & goldies out there. Offering a 15+ sensational combinations of flavours (like caramel & seasalt, lavender & orange, lemoncurd & sesame and a lot more) we go beyond and further.


Don't want to give a high-calorie treat? Our guilt-free brownies are the perfect substitute for a healthy alternative. We don't use butter or chocolate, but apples and dates. That's the way to enjoy a treat without feeling guilty!


Stop for a moment and pause to enjoy our velvetly soft truffles. We offer #4 lovely flavvous: honey caramel, cappucino, salmiak and strawberry basil. We think they are awesome.

Do It Yourself

With our Do It Yourself Browniemix you not only enjoy brownies, but you enjoy the smell of it in your kitchen for the rest of the week. We offer the following mixes: Brownie Bastogne, Brownie Double Chocolate, Brownie Caramel, Brownie Speculaas, Brownie White Chocolate Raspberry

Do It Yourself
Hot Chocolate

A perfect treat during cold & rainy days. Just add hot milk to the bottle and enjoy a pure and lovely cup of hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

They look like huge balls of chocolate. And they are! Not for eating, but for making one hell-of-a-cup of hot chocolate.

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