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By owning a bottle of Deer Jimmy’s Barrel Chips you are now part of the Deer Jimmy’s family! Leave your email address and you’ll be competing for kick-ass prices and we’ll update you when introducing new batches and products.

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with your bottle of Deer Jimmy's Barrel Chips! Welcome to the Deer Jimmy's Family! Please leave your email address and you'll be in the running for a free upgrade of your home bar, worth €100,- of spirits you can choose yourself!


Why participate?

Since Deer Jimmy's launch in 2021, over 30,000 fans have already been delighted with a bottle. By leaving your email address, you will be kept up to date with the latest batches, the latest product developments and you'll have the chance to win kick-ass prices.

When & how will the winner be announced?

The current win campaign runs until the 2nd of April. We will announce the winners on this day by email.

We handpick the finest used Barrels from the worlds best distilleries

Selection proces

We only use recent used barrels for our Deer Jimmy's. They are full of aroma. Some of the barrel we select are over 30 years old, used for maturing and finishing worldclass spirits.

The shredding

We thoroughly sandblast the barrels from the outside to eliminate all dirt. After shredding, we sieve the chips until we are left with the perfect chips.

Where to Buy?

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Current batches in production

Batch #20

A unique blend of a Glenrothes ex-sherry cask & a Bunnahabhain ex-sherry cask. Giving your whisky-like spirit a great taste!

Batch #19

We've used a wonderful Laphroaig ex-bourbon cask. Giving your Islay whisky-like spirit a recognizable iodene and leather flavour.

Batch #12

Now serving his final life, this bourbon barrel has been used to mature a Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon for more than 12 years.

Batch #9

This former bourbon barrel has been used to mature an Appleton Estate rum for 24 months.

Batch #13

This European new oak barrel has been used to mature one of French best and most exceptional cognacs for 6 years.

Batch #15

This Boulard ex-bourbon cask has been used to mature a distinguished French calvados for at least 5 years.

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