Luxurious Tasting Boxes for a unique gifting experience.

Stop time for a moment and enjoy an ultimate tasting experience. That is exactly what you’ll be giving with out Tasting Boxes. The unboxing experience has been designed with great care. However, it is ofcourse the inside that matters. We offer a wide range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic flavours to explore. And with a link to digital knowledge, you have a lot to talk about.

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A sensational gift for explorers by heart

With our Tasting Boxes you will give a unique way to discover new flavours & learn all about the drinks in it. We offer a wide range of alcoholic  & non-alcoholic Tasting Boxes.

More than just a tasting

Forget about long-reads attached to the tastings. It is waste of paper. Just scan the Tasting Box QR-code and you'll find rich content, tips & tricks, quizes and a lot more simply through the convenience of your phone. 

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"Short quote by a happy customer or partner about these specific products"
Martijn Lambeck
Creative Director The Flavour Co.

Tasting Boxes

With a wide range of different-sized Tasting Boxes we offer a delightful Tasting for any type of explorer. Our range consists of various Tasting Boxes whisk(e)y, cognac, rum, gin, genever, grappa, limoncello and liqueur.

N/A Spirits
Tasting Boxes

With an increasing demand for Non-Alcoholic Spirits we offer some great Tasting Boxes to explore this new era of drinks. Our range consists of various Tasting Boxes whisk(e)y, rum, gin, 

Tasting Boxes

Our Tea Tasting Boxes and Salt Tasting Boxes are popular gifts for companies that don't want anything to do with alcohol of alcohol-related tastings. 

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